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Rightsize your lifestyle, with help from the pros

Monthly Lunch and Learn sessions share information and tips, and get you valuable facetime with local experts

It’s not hard to see the appeal of rightsizing.

Decluttering and moving into a smaller home means you get to enjoy a simpler, more efficient lifestyle. “By shedding excess belongings and downsizing living space, we can help you streamline your life, focusing on what truly matters,” says REALTOR® Colleen Pickett. “This reduces stress and helps increase overall well-being.”

A smaller home also means consuming fewer resources and promotes sustainability. It requires less maintenance to upkeep, so you gain freedom too.

If you or a loved one is thinking of downsizing in the near future, Colleen is offering a great service that can give you a head start.

The resource she has created is a speaker series called Rightsizing Your Lifestyle. It consists of free Lunch and Learn sessions that anyone can attend to learn some helpful tips on what they need to consider and how to get started.

The sessions are held at different retirement homes and usually take place once a week, though the frequency can vary depending on the season. There is no cost or obligation to attend.   The idea for the series came from Colleen’s work with a downsizing specialist.

The sessions are helpful for people who are looking for a way to start and understand the downsizing process and who require knowledge about the real estate market this year to date,” says Colleen.

Attendees tend to range in age from 60 to 80 years, though anyone who is looking to move is welcome. “The ‘children’ of these seniors should avail themselves of this series as well; it helps them understand the complexities of such a move,” she says.

The events have been running since January 2024 and were an immediate hit. “The retirement homes and the people who come really appreciate the knowledge and help,” says the REALTOR®. “The retirement homes understand that the more knowledge their target market has the more likely they are to make a move.”

Says Colleen, “It really enriches our lives meeting these seniors and hearing about their concerns and triumphs in life. We often spend an hour or more after each presentation talking with them and learning about their lives, homes they have sold, where they have lived in the past.”

Everyone, it seems, is interested in both downsizing and real estate, so no matter what your stage of life, these Lunch and Learn sessions are an excellent practical resource.

If living more authentically, emphasizing experiences over possessions and cultivating a greater sense of fulfillment and contentment in everyday life sounds appealing, be sure to register today.

RSVP here for these upcoming Lunch and Learn sessions:

For more information, visit the Colleen Pickett Team or call 905-815-3037.