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Burlington's Vintage Iron E-Cycles launches grand opening with a sustainable spin

Local entrepreneur Melissa Forbes champions eco-friendly transportation with a community-focused grand opening on June 9, featuring a range of e-bikes designed for all ages and needs.

Vintage Iron E-Cycles Burlington is led by lifelong resident and passionate entrepreneur Melissa Forbes, a local dedicated to sustainable mobility.

"As owner and operator, I've been a Burlington girl all my life, and I’m thrilled to provide the Halton community with a greener, more affordable transportation option," said Forbes.

Her business, Vintage Iron E-Cycles Burlington, opened three months ago. It will celebrate its official grand opening on Sunday, June 9, promising a day filled with activities, test rides, and an ice cream truck to sweeten the deal.

Melissa’s journey into the world of e-bikes was spurred by her desire for a new entrepreneurial adventure involving her two young sons. 

"It's a growing industry, vital for reducing our carbon footprint. But beyond environmental benefits, e-bikes offer economical solutions for commuting, appealing to a broad demographic including students and seniors," Forbes explained.


Grand opening 

The grand opening on Sunday, June 9, will showcase the store's extensive range of e-bikes and e-scooters, offering something unique for everyone—from high-end vintage models to sturdy cargo bikes designed for the demands of services like Uber Eats. 

“The grand opening will also serve as an opportunity for the community to engage directly with our junior and senior technicians to learn some e-bike tips and tricks to get them riding safely this season," Forbes noted.

"This event is not just about showcasing our products but fostering a community spirit and providing a hands-on experience with our technology," Forbes noted.

E-bikes for everyone

The business, which emphasizes sustainability and economic viability, caters to a diverse clientele, including families, students, and seniors, who find e-bikes a practical alternative for reducing carbon footprints and managing transportation costs. 

"We’ve become partners with Rad Power Bikes, a huge U.S. brand known for their cargo bikes. It's wonderful for busy parents or delivery services," Forbes added.

Forbes is passionate about providing mobility solutions for disadvantaged groups, including women in shelters. 

"An e-bike can offer them the independence they need to rebuild their lives, a practical yet profound tool for empowerment," she emphasized.


Vintage Iron E-Cycles Burlington 

Forbes elaborates on the advantages of her niche bike shop, Vintage Iron E-Cycles, distinguishing it from competitors with its exclusive in-house brand, Synergy. Unlike other stores that juggle multiple brands and suppliers, Vintage Iron E-Cycles focuses on a singular, well-controlled product line, enhancing product reliability and service quality. 

"Buy local. Buy from a retail provider you know will be there tomorrow to service your product and provide you with the parts. Having our in-house line makes us a little bit more accountable. We're standing behind our product," emphasizes Forbes.

Beyond business, Forbes is deeply committed to community engagement. "Before COVID, I was heavily involved in local initiatives like school food programs. This business allows me to reconnect with community service," she shared. 

Among the upcoming initiatives is a collaboration with Village of Hope, which aims to raise funds through bike donations to build tiny homes for young adults aging out of foster care.

For anyone interested in exploring the world of e-bikes or supporting a business that’s genuinely committed to its community, Vintage Iron E-Cycles Burlington’s grand opening promises to be an illuminating introduction to the future of eco-friendly transportation.

For more details on the grand opening or to learn about their range of e-bikes and community initiatives, visit Vintage Iron E-Cycles Burlington at their store, 2388 Fairview Street Burlington or contact them by email at [email protected] or phone at 905-681-3377.