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Receiving Hospitality: A Christian Perspective

Jesus sends out the disciples in pairs – not alone – but in pairs with no extra resources. Jesus expects the disciples to rely on the hospitality of strangers.

We like to think of ourselves as offering hospitality

Christians are encouraged to offer hospitality by many of Jesus's teachings -- not just to family and friends, but to the stranger.

Seek the hospitality of others

But when he sends the disciples out, Jesus doesn’t ask them to be hospitable – Rather he asks them to seek the hospitality of others.

They are, to fit into the households of strangers, to understand and maintain their ways as long as it takes.

Even though we will be rejected

Jesus promises that there will be rejection. He is rejected in his own home town – “he was amazed at their unbelief”. He encourages the disciples to walk on – seeking hospitality from others.

We have no idea what will transpire when we open ourselves to receive the hospitality of others. We are called to trust that God is working in those from whom we receive hospitality.

Here we are being challenged to allow others to reach out to us. We are called to receive from strangers, those who are perhaps even disturbingly different, and availing ourselves of their hospitality.

And how do we receive the hospitality of strangers?:

How to receive the hospitality of strangers

Our model is the standard of Christ:

the presence of the spirit of God,


spiritual strength.

We experience healing and hope as we receive hospitality from others

Jesus sends us out with the disciples – with just enough to begin the task; and when we go out speaking the language of love he has taught us, we can open ourselves to the hospitality of others, we experience healing as we discern the will of God with other people of faith and we are filled with the joy that hope brings.

Move out to connect with others; know that you are receiving the grace of God’s love when you receive the care of others in this place. And may God bless you with healing.