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Pandemic humour

When you work from home you need a little comedic relief

With lock downs looming and coronavirus cases increasing, Laura Machan exposes the comical moments that are occurring all around us. Here is a selection of her pandemic humour.

The studies lie.....a stand-up desk does not make your butt smaller. Just thought you should know this as you make plans to stay in your home office for a few more months.

Seeing as we are not heading back to the office anytime soon, I have just placed a bulk order for flannel pajamas. They are in solid colours so they will compliment my work shirts and blouses.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Dolo Iglesias
Dolo Iglesias

I live in a townhouse. We were watching tv last night and could hear this weird noise from next door.

Tap Tap Bonk Tap Tap Bonk....

My husband said "What do you think they are doing over there?"

I shrugged and muttered something about #@*$ tap dancing and turned up the volume on the tv.

In my inbox this morning was a message from my neighbour asking if I could hear any noise from her place. It seems that, in fact, her tap dancing classes are now virtual.

I am not making this up.

I have given my husband three pandemic haircuts - is that enough to call it a "skill" on my resume?

We are, after all, still married.

Yesterday, I went to the fridge to get the sandwich I made the night before and it was gone. Gone. From my HOME fridge.

Some things never change.....I blame the dog.

This morning, getting coffee in the kitchen, I bumped into my husband. Know what I said?

"Hey, how about this crazy weather? Any plans for the long weekend?"

Sheesh - we have been here too long!

My washing machine just stopped working mid-cycle but I don’t mind. No one can smell me on Zoom right?

I figured out how to make my Google Home play ocean waves. It’s probably as close as I will get to a beach vacation. With that in mind, I am now shopping for a water bed to complete the experience.

I have given my husband three pandemic haircuts - is that enough to call it a "skill" on my resume? We are, after all, still married.

I have been doing research on hypnosis as a stress reduction tool - but what happens if we lose connectivity during the session? Will I be stuck making barnyard sounds every time the phone rings?


Tara Evans on Unsplash
Tara Evans on Unsplash

In what may be a blinding flash of the obvious, I just realized that if you eat plain toasted bagel instead of a sesame toasted bagel, you get fewer seeds in your keyboard.

I just remembered the meatloaf I left in the office fridge back in March and had a vision of the fridge exploding from noxious fumes - that can't happen, right?

I guess I overdid my holiday celebrations yesterday. My five minute afternoon yoga break turned into a 30 minute snooze when I dozed off in child pose.

Here's a good one: we had 52 people in our house today. I hosted 21 people in a zoom meeting in my home office and my husband had 31 people in his zoom meeting in the living room.

Our internet held up and I did not have to clean -- that's a win!

Anna Dudkova
Anna Dudkova

It happened today. I took a video call with no pants on. To be fair, I was changing my clothes when the call came in and I rushed to the chair at my desk to click hello. Only then did I realize I was pant-less.

Tomorrow I will get fully dressed before I start the day.


Anyone have any connections with Plantronics? These headphones are on my head so much and they function so well as a hairband that I'd like some different colours.

You know, to go with my pants....

If I have been wearing yoga pants all week, what do I do for casual Friday? 

Do you have something that struck you as funny, share it, because we all need to smile right now.