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"O God, I ask you for beneficial knowledge": A Muslim Perspective

Photo credit: vonSchnauzer / / CC BY Photo credit: vonSchnauzer / / CC BY

Photo credit: vonSchnauzer / / CC BY

Learning is one of humanity's most precious talents. It allows us to grow and develop as individuals and as communities. Through gaining knowledge and understanding, we make new discoveries, enhance our abilities, and make informed choices about the way we live our lives and interact with others.

Of course, in today's era of information technology, it is important to remember that not all information is of equal value . Some information is relevant and beneficial to people, while other information can serve as a distraction. We are bombarded every day with information which may not be of benefit in improving our lives or the lives of others. A person can choose to preoccupy themselves with information about the latest social gossip, for instance, but is this the best use of our learning capacity? We need to use our time wisely and try to acquire knowledge which is beneficial and will be instrumental in enhancing  our lives and also the lives of others.

We are reminded that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) would begin every day with the simple prayer "Oh God I ask you for beneficial knowledge, pure sustenance and good actions".  Such a prayer allows us to reflect on our daily goals and make the most of every opportunity.