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Letter to the Editor: Lack of leading by example

Ken Pustai
Ken Pustai

Yesterday, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Moore strongly recommended "that Ontarians wear masks in ALL indoor public settings." 

He made this recommendation in response to the "extraordinary pressure" that our Ontario health system is facing due to the ongoing circulation of COVID-19, Influenza and RSV - not to mention the overwhelming number of children showing up in emergency departments, paediatric wards and intensive care units across the province.

When recently asked about a return to masking, Premier Ford stated as he always does: "I take my direction from Dr. Moore."

Well, the photo above is from the Ontario legislature today, showing a total disregard for the "strong recommendation" of Dr. Moore and a total disregard for the health of our children and the hospital system in our province.

None of the so called leaders in this photo (Ford, MPP Crawford, etc.) are wearing a mask and following the guidance of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer.

Great leaders set an example and are role models of expected behaviour. The leaders pictured here are hypocrites and their words are meaningless.

- Ken Pustai