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Last minute Valentine's Day plans

Forgot to make plans for Valentine's Day? If you're struggling with planning this year, we've got some last minute ideas.
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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday, celebrating love around the world. But how do you celebrate when you forgot the celebrations - and have nothing planned?

The time has come for acknowledging and appreciating personal relationships. Whether it’s a significant other, family member, or friend – it’s time to start planning a special day filled with love. 

Without advance planning and preparation, it might feel like there aren’t many options when deciding on what to do for Valentine’s Day. If you still want to enjoy the holiday with your Valentine, there are tons of ways to do so with minimal planning - and in many cases without even leaving home.

Sometimes less is more, and it really is the thought that counts. Here are some ideas to help you plan a great last-minute Valentine's Day.

1. Movie night

A simple movie night is always a great idea - so long as its thoughtful and a mutually enjoyed activity. 

Going out? Pick a romance or comedy; something light and that can be enjoyed as a couple. And don't forget to have snacks to share!

Staying in? Compile a list of movies you want to watch and have your partner do the same. See if any land in the middle, or pick from Oakville News' guide to Valentine's titles.

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A fun alternative to a movie marathon is a TV show binge. Pick out a new TV show together and watch as much of it as you can all night.

2. Games night

Another simple activity is a game night. Pull out your favourite board games and card games and play them all! Challenging each other adds a fun dynamic and can help build your connection. 

3. Baking a sweet treat

To add a new activity for Valentine's Day, bake something new together. If you want a little twist, then have a baking competition. Pick a recipe for your partner to attempt, and vice versa. Or pick a recipe for the both of you to bake separately and see who’s tastes better! 

4. Spa Day/Night

Pamper yourselves with a spa night. Everyone knows relationships can be difficult at times. Acknowledge the strength it takes to push through and treat each other with a massage. Throw on a face mask and have a bubble bath or hop in the hot tub together. 

Looking for help from professionals? Last-minute cancellations happen all the time. Someone's last-minute illness or mistake could mean you're helping a local business fill a lucrative spot.

5. Call the restaurant!

Romantic dinner is a favourite for almost everyone, and even if reservations seem gone, you'd be surprised how many restaurants can also offer to help.

If you're trying to snag a last-minute table, flexibility is EVERYTHING. Try multiple places, be open to any dinnertime, especially before 5 p.m. or after 9 p.m. for the night. Maybe you go for a romantic lunch? Maybe you go out with another couple and fill a table for 4? Any of these could be the ticket to getting a last-minute spot at your favourite restaurant.

via Unsplash
via Unsplash

6. Make dinner at home

Another fancy idea is a romantic dinner from your own kitchen. Prepare a delicious meal for you and your Valentine, or order a delicious meal in from one of Oakville's excellent restaurants. Maybe you could do something less formal and more cute, like a charcuterie board.

Light up some tealights and place them around the room. Place two candlesticks in the center of the table and turn off the lights. Play some soft music and enjoy your food together.

If a romantic candlelit dinner is too basic for you, create a charcuterie board indoor picnic. Grab a wooden cheese board and prepare two servings of both yours and your partners favourite snacks. Cut up a variety of deli meats and cheese. Lay out some crackers and fruit. Include your favourite candies and chocolates. Place a blanket on the floor and enjoy your charcuterie board indoor picnic. 

7. Wine tasting

If you or your partner want to celebrate in a bit of a fancier way, why not do a wine tasting? Make a quick trip to the LCBO and pick out a bunch of small bottles of wine.

Grab a variety of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wine. Pick some favourites, but don’t be afraid to take some random ones as well. The whole point of a wine tasting is trying ones that you haven’t before. Always drink responsibly. 

8. Get outdoors!

The weather for Valentine's Day is expected to be mild. If you are both feeling adventurous, go for a walk or visit a park - or go hiking in the snow. Find a trail nearby, put on your winter boots, and enjoy the outdoors together.

Valentine’s Day plans don’t always have to be something fancy. Quality time with your loved one is the best way to spend a day filled with love. Always remember that the most special part is about being together.

This special story is from the Oakville News archives, originally published in 2021. However you and your loved ones decide to celebrate, Happy Valentine's Day!