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Care: Muslim Perspective

CareThe Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him ) famously said, "Y

The Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him ) famously said, "You are not a believer unless you love for others what you love for yourself."

In our fast-paced consumer - driven lives we are often prone to pass by others problems as quickly as one might  flip the channels on TV - often we become distracted by our own activities and pursuits and we become insensitive to the hardship of others. This may even  become the case for physicians who have many patients to care for and  limited time. They may fail to connect with patients in a meaningful manner.

In my own experience practicing as a physician in Oakville I have found that the above words of the Prophet inspire me to reflect on each and every interaction with my patients. I always ask myself the following questions :  do I love for others what I would love for my self? What would I do if I was in this difficult situation ? Have I truly helped my patient before sending them on their way?

The Prophet Muhammed even asked us to extend our empathy beyond our community and to extend a helping hand on a global level - he said " A worshipper does not attain true faith until he loves for all of humanity the same goodness which he loves for himself."

I  find that connecting with every patient on a meaningful level is most rewarding and fulfilling. This is what enriches my day, for there is no better way to please God than by caring for His Creation.