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U12 Oakville Rangers win first place at OMHA championships

Lukas Bernasiewicz
Lukas Bernasiewicz

During last week's conclusion of the OMHA Championships, the Oakville Rangers were able to secure a finals victory when the organization's U12 (under 12) team beat the Quinte Red Devils 2-0.

During the weekend festivities, the Rangers faced off against some of the best teams in their age bracket. Their biggest challenge came in their semi-final against the Niagara North Stars. 

Oakville was down 2-0 to Niagara with under 2:30 left in regulation, but the kids never gave up.

Oakville scored with 2:07 left to bring themselves within one goal, and then with 1:11 left the Rangers scored again to tie the game and send it to overtime.

In overtime, it seemed like the game would never end - the game wasn't settled until the third overtime period. In that third overtime, Oakville was able to find the back of the net and win the game.

In the championship game against Qunite, Oakville played an incredible defensive game and was able to chip in offensively when they needed to.

The U12 Rangers scored in the second period to go up 1-0 and then shortly after the start of the third period to go up 2-0. The celebration of choice after the 2-0 goal was the extremely popular "griddy" dance move.

After the second goal, Oakville shut the door and drained the clock.

The clock eventually hit zero, and the team rushed onto the ice to jump onto their goalie in celebration and hug all of their teammates.

A great end to a great season for these players. Congratulations to the U12 Oakville Rangers!