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Oakville's Paige Culver signs with prestigious German club.

Turbine Potsdam are two-time European champions.
Paige Culver signs in Germany | Oakville
Paige Culver signs in Germany | Oakville's Paige Culver has signed in Germany and will play for Turbine Potsdam. | Turbine Potsdam Instagram @turbinepotsdam

After waiting out the Swedish offseason in hopes of landing a new contract Oakville's Paige Culver has landed in Germany with the two-time European Champions FFC Turbine Potsdam. 

While the Swedish season ends in November the German league takes one of the longest breaks over the winter, halting in early December and returning to action in early February, "For me choosing Potsdam was a good opportunity." continuing, "It's also great to be able to play in the Bundesliga."

The Kent State University standout has already joined the team and awaits the restart of the German season on February 5th, when the club will match up with 2nd place Bayern Munich. 

Paige seemingly jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire after joining newly promoted IFK Kalmar last spring, steering them clear of relegation, only to join the once mighty Potsdam, who currently finds themselves in last place in the Frauen-Bundesliga. 

Having given up 28 goals in 10 games, Culver's physical presence could make a real difference as the team is currently winless with a lone draw. 

The 25-year-old admits that "they are in a tough situation right now," but she's optimistic that "hopefully, the second half of the season will be successful." 

She's fortunate to be joined by a familiar face in Germany. Toronto-born Venazuelen  International Sonia O'Neill is already with the squad and gave her the lay of the land before she signed. 

"I was able to talk to her about what the club is like before committing, which is important." Paige elaborates, "It can always be a gamble going to a new country and league, so she was able to give me insight to the situation at the club."

Paige will have her work cut out, but she's excited about joining a club with a storied history in the women's game. 

"It's amazing being with a club with a successful past. It means they know how to win, and they have the infrastructure to do so."

Potsdam is generally one of the top 4 clubs in Germany but is currently having its worst season in recent memory; the team has 12 games remaining before the end of the season to turn things around.

Werder Bremen have 4 points putting them 3 points ahead of Turbine Potsdam, while Duisburg, Essen, and Köln are all sitting on 10 points just outside the relegation zone.