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Oakville Titans vs. Peel Panthers exhibition match recap

The Oakville Titans played an exhibition match against the Peel Panthers before the regular season starts
Oakville Titans | Head Coach Alex Charette (in grey) and the team celebrating | Oakville Titans Football
Oakville Titans | Head Coach Alex Charette (in grey) and the team celebrating | Oakville Titans Football

On Saturday, May 6, Oakville’s varsity football team the Oakville Titans made a short trip north to Brampton for an exhibition game against the Peel Panthers. The Titans' spirits were high going into the game after a few weeks of hard practice. The players were looking forward to finally being able to hit players other than their own teammates.

There was some disappointment when it was discovered that Peel was not prepared for special teams, but the game had to go on. A special team is when the game is played without punting or kicking of any kind. 

The Peel Panthers started with the ball, and it wasn’t long until the Titans turned the ball over with an interception, the first of many takeaways by the Titans' defence. It didn’t take long for Oakville to find the end zone and after some trickery by the offence, the Titans found themselves up 14-0 by the end of the 1st quarter. 

The game slowed down a bit as the two defences battled back and forth, keeping both teams out of the endzone until halftime. The second half started the same way the first ended. Both teams played a strong defence, which was eventually capitalized on by the Peel Panthers, who scored on an interception return for a touchdown.

With the game tight in the 4th quarter and a tense moment when two Titans' offensive linemen go down on the same play, the passing game exploded. After a few incredible plays, Oakville found themselves up 22-6. The Titan's defence stepped up and shut the door on Peel for the rest of the game. There were a few banged-up players in the end but nothing too serious. With a  week off the field coming up, the wounded are happy to have a bit of time to heal.

The real work begins with the regular season and the Cumberland Panthers coming to play the Titans in two weeks.