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Oakville's Chloe Panetta has qualified for the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final

Bruno Marcotte
Bruno Marcotte

It's been a very successful couple of months for Oakville Figure skater Chloe Panet and her partner Kieran Thrasher, who have worked incredibly hard for competitions and events. Their dedication finally paid off when they were awarded a bronze medal at an International competition in Czechia.

That medal meant a lot to Chloe. It also demonstrated her resilience because she sprained her ankle at the start of the summer, impeding her ability to train for the competition.

Chloe mentioned that what helped her through this injury was "a lot of physiotherapy" and also "having a very supportive partner."

When it comes to Chloe's partner Kieran, Chloe describes themselves as "completely opposite people, but it works in our favour," The duo's differences has created a great partnership as they gained trust with each other.

When it came to training for the competition, the duo needed to ramp up their training sessions to make up for the lost time.

"We had to train super hard a month prior to the competition to make sure we were in top shape in order to get that medal," she said, "and once we got (Bronze), we were very content, and we knew that if we medaled at that competition and performed well at our next international competition, we would be in good shape to qualify for the Grand Prix Final."

Luckily for Chloe and her team, their results were good enough. They head to Italy in December to compete against some of the best skaters in the world in the Grand Prix Final. Chloe's distant relatives reside in southern Italy, so the Grand Prix's location allows them to see her perform in person. 

"I'm from the south of Italy, so (my family) is going to fly all the way north to Turin to come and see me, and I'll be seeing them for the first time."