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Is this your year to look after you?

Oakville's gyms and fitness facilities to help you get a good start on 2023
New Year
New Year's Resolution | Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

After more than two years of Covid-19 closures, Oakville's in-person gyms are back in action. Whether you set up some home workout equipment, ran or cycled outside, or, like most of us, had a bit of a fitness backslide during the pandemic, opportunities abound to change the process or get back on track. If you missed the social aspect of exercising in fitness classes, or the discipline and structure of a regular session with a trainer, Oakville's gyms are ready to help you get healthier, whatever your goals.

Our ancestors used to hunt mammoths. Now we sit at desks or in cars or watch TV. Our bodies aren't meant for this, and gyms are one way to keep them healthy for a long and happy life. Exercise is not just about physical health, but a critical component of mental well-being as well.

Here, by location, are some of Oakville's best gyms, followed by a listing of specialty facilities:

South West Gyms and Fitness Centres

Bronte, West Bronte and Bronte Station:

  • HUB Fitness, 2400 Lakeshore Road West, 905-582-0921, [email protected]. HUB is open 24/7 and is a female-owned, family-oriented fitness facility with great equipment and more than 10 years of experience serving Oakville. "No commitment: we earn your business every month."
  • South Oakville Fit Body Boot Camp, 2195 Wyecroft, #7, 905-469-3220 Fit Body Boot Camp is the favourite fitness franchise for weight loss and building lean muscle. We offer clients around the world 30 minute fat loss boot camps that deliver results PERIOD and challenge the body every time. Our signature “Afterburn Effect” keeps the body burning extra calories for up to 36 hours after each workout.
  • QE Park Community Centre, 2302 Bridge Road, operated by the Town of Oakville
South Central Gyms and Fitness Centres

Kerr Village and Southwest Oakville:

  • AnyTime Fitness, 529 Kerr St., 905-338-0123, [email protected]. Family-owned and operated, open 24/7, Anytime Fitness prides itself on personalized guidance and support for people of all ages, regardless of their training goals.
  • YMCA of Oakville, 410 Rebecca, 905-845-3417, a family environment with a full range of programmes for all ages.
  • Barre Life, 427 Speers Road #18, 905-337-8338. Barre workouts isometrically engage smaller muscles "you didn't even know you had." You don't have to be a dancer to get the flexibility, posture and strength benefits of Barre fitness...and Barre Life is now also a Pilates Reformer studio. We have been serving Oakville residents for more than 10 years. 
  • Trafalgar Park Community Centre, 133 Rebecca St., operated by the Town of Oakville
  • Fitbox Studio, 33 Shepherd Road, 289-837-0353  
  • Conker Fitness, 1111 Speers Road, 905-330-7326
South East Gyms and Fitness Centres

Downtown, Old Oakville, South East Oakville, Clearview:

  • Water's Edge, 11 Lakeshore Rd. W, 905-845-0064. a locally owned and operated fitness centre located on 11 Lakeshore Rd W is well-established and community-driven. We cater to a clientele that is looking to work towards their health and wellness goals, no matter how young or mature. The club is well equipped with high-quality Nautilus equipment and specializes in the 30-minute circuit workout.  In our Club, you are not just a membership number, this is a place where everyone knows your name.  So if you are looking to work with one of our highly experienced trainers or just working on your own in a comfortable, low-key, non-intimidating environment, this club is for you.
  • Radix Gym, 427 Speers Road, #2, 416-605-4377. Locally owned and operated, Radix strives to create a real sense of community with class-based training focused on fun. We assess you one-on-one to fit you into the right classes and offer personal training if desired. Join us and have a blast getting in great shape.
  • Nova Health Club, 298 Randall St., 905-582-3730. More than 11 years of serving downtown Oakville with very personalized instruction in an uncrowded environment. Highly qualified instructors (min. Bachelor's and some Master's prepared in kinesiology along with other qualifications) provide guidance, personal attention and bespoke programming to help you reach your fitness goals, with attention to all aspects of health, as well as support to help you follow through on your goals. 
  • Sandbox Fitness and Therapy, 6-115 Trafalgar Road, 905-338-1348. A uniquely private, one-on-one training and athletic and massage therapy studio where all trainers are doubly prepared. "We combine training and hands-on therapy." No memberships, by appointment.
  • Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre, 325 Reynolds St., operated by the Town of Oakville.  
  • Orange Theory Fitness, 487 Cornwall Road, 289-813-0099
  • Revolution Fitness, 220 Wyecroft Rd., 416-732-9134
  • Sweatshop Union, 2857 Sherwood Heights Dr., 289-837-2267
  • LF3, 2061 Cornwall Road, #8, 905-844-6574 At LF3 we focus on small group training, and specialize in one-on-one personal training. We take an individualized approach to our programming to drive, and deliver results both at the group level, and in PT. We're a community open to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. Whether you're new to fitness, or have been doing it for a lifetime. Our coaches are passionate about helping you reach your goals, working with you in class to push you through a variety of different workouts. Accountability is key to success, and we're here to help!
North West Gyms and Fitness Centres

Glen Abbey, Westoak Trails, Palermo, Westmount:

  • F45 Glen Abbey, 220 North Service Road West, 289-400-4521 F45 Glen Abbey is a functional training gym specializing in innovative high-intensity group workouts that are results-driven. Our studio’s community & certified personal trainers provide a fun & exciting new workout every single time. Come see why F45 Glen Abbey members call the studio their second home today.  
  • Primal Athletics, 461 North Service Road West, #B36, 647-896-3294, We get results: period… one-on-one training that creates an atmosphere where our clients push themselves to be their best, and our regular monthly challenges push them to compete with their peers, which really creates a community atmosphere.
  • Fit4Less, 300 N. Service Road W., 905-337-7244. A fully equipped gym for the budget conscious, from 16+ to any age. Every kind of workout equipment and even massage chairs and tanning facilities are onsite from only $7.99 per month. Self-managed training with knowledgeable staff to assist with equipment familiarization. 
  • Glen Abbey Community Centre, 1415 Third Line, operated by the Town of Oakville
North Central Gyms and Fitness Centres

Oak Park, College Park, River Oaks:

  • River Oaks Community Centre, 2400 Sixth Line, operated by the Town of Oakville
  • GoodLife Fitness, 240 Leighland Ave., 247, 905-815-8985
  • Orange Theory Fitness, G2A-275 Hays Blvd, 289-813-4247
North East Gyms and Fitness Centres

Holton Heights, Falgarwood, Joshua Creek, Morrison Creek:

  • F45, 1903 Ironoak Way, 905-464-7270
  • GoodLife Fitness, 2395 Trafalgar Rd, 905-257-1369
  • Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, 1051 Glenashton, operated by the Town of Oakville
  • Sports Specific Training (SST), 505 Iroquois Shore Rd Unit 12. 905-338-1500. SST Oakville isn’t just a gym, it is a community.  The trainers are the owners who truly care about the clients.  Our clients have been with us for over 10 years.  We provide customized programs and group classes. Whether you are a beginner, a sports athlete or an adult, we can meet your needs. 
Specialty Gyms
  • 9Round Fitness,  2544 Speers Road, Unit 2. 289-863-8180. We offer a 30-minute, full-body, kickboxing-themed circuit workout. Featuring no class times, you workout at your convenience, and our Champion Trainers are with you and there for you every step of your fitness journey! Our Community, affectionately known as our "Fit Fam" are welcoming and supportive, and together we love to celebrate and recognize your milestones, big and small. The 9Round program is customizable for all fitness levels. Book your free, one-on-one session today! (9Round Fitness Speers Road is owned and operated by Dawn and Jay Villa, an Oakville-based family.)
  • Spinco, 239 Lakeshore Road. E., 905-330-7085. Spinning studio.
  • JTI Boxing, 505 Iroquois Shore Road, #10, 905-339-2777
  • Prime Time Boxing, 595 Speers Road, 905-847-6992.

Getting in shape has never been easier, as we all welcome every opportunity for in-person activities. Whichever gym or activity is right for you, Oakville News wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

The highlighted gyms and fitness centres are advertising supporters of local news.