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Woman struck by train walks back to her vehicle and drives away

The incident on Fourth Line | Nolan Machan
The incident on Fourth Line | Nolan Machan

More details have emerged about the incident at the railway tracks near Fourth Line and Speers Road yesterday.

It is alleged that a woman intentionally jumped in front of a train, was struck by it, and then walked off seemingly without injury.

A male passenger spoke to Oakville News, and said that he "heard the train hit her, [before the train driver] hit the emergency brakes."

He then saw the woman walk away from the tracks towards the RBC Plaza "without as much as a limp." She then got into her vehicle and drove away. 

"There is no way a human can be struck by such force and be unharmed." - Passenger

According to the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS), the woman in question has not been identified; they also cannot comment on injuries.

Meanwhile, the passenger - who was with his nine and 12-year-old children at the time - has "feverishly looked online to see if she is alright but [has] not been unable to find any information."

Editor's note: Remember that moving near and interacting with railways and train tracks, including walking across tracks, is both dangerous and illegal. Always exercise caution around local railways.