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We give to charity for you

A portion of your subscription will go to a local charity
Giving | Aaron Doucett on Unsplash
Giving | Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

It’s the giving season! To celebrate, we're offering our readers a great way to support lots of terrific local organizations.

For the month of December, you can subscribe for unlimited access to - and when you do, $10 of your subscription will go to the local charity of your choice.

For your donation, you can choose from any of the nine Oakville charities below:

This is your opportunity to support local news and make a difference in your community!

Consider giving a subscription to Oakville News to a family member or friend, to direct another donation to the charity of your choice.

Follow this link here to subscribe or make a gift subscription and we will send $10 to the charity of your choice from the above list. For three year subscriptions, we'll send your chosen charity $30!

Email [email protected] to tell us where you would like the donation to go.

Your subscription supports the go-to site for everything Oakville, from celebrating the achievements of our residents, to telling you what is going on around town, and alerting you to important issues facing your town council.

Be informed about your community by subscribing to Oakville News, the only news source dedicated to Oakville.

From all of us at Oakville News, Happy Holidays!