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Woman and man viciously attacked by two dogs in two separate incidents minutes apart

A bystander who helped scare the dogs away from the first victim details what she witnessed that has left her "terrified to walk in her own neighbourhood."
Halton Regional Police | Photo: Halton Regional Police | HRPS
Halton Regional Police | Photo: Halton Regional Police | HRPS

**Update as of Tuesday, November 29: The two dogs are now under the custody of Oakville and Milton Humane Society; their investigation is in the final stages and is expected to be completed soon.**

Jennifer Greco had just arrived back home after grocery shopping when she heard cries for help. The screams seemed to be coming from Hopedale Park, which was nearby.

As Greco ran into the park, she saw two dogs atop of a woman, who was on her back, being mauled. Greco noticed that the woman's shoes were off and the dogs were ripping into her socks. 

As soon as they saw Greco come running, the dogs were startled and took off. 

Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) and paramedics were soon called and they arrived on scene to tend to the woman; she sustained minor injuries to her foot.

Just minutes after this incident, a man and his family were attacked by the same two dogs. This time, the man's injuries were bad enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. He needed treatment but his injuries are not life-threatening.

HRPS was able to find and contain the dogs soon after the second incident.

The dogs' owner showed up to the scene shortly after and collected them. 

Although the attacks were serious, the Oakville and Milton Humane Society (OMHS) did not take the dogs away. They would only be able to do so if the dogs were voluntarily given up or left unattended when OMHS' arrived on scene. 

No charges have been laid; an investigation is being conducted by OMHS.

Meanwhile, the attack has left Greco worried about the safety of her kids and even herself as "somebody could have been killed."