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Tractor driver charged after being hit by a truck on the QEW in Oakville

Ontario Provincial Police
Ontario Provincial Police

A driver of a farm tractor was charged with careless driving after being hit by a box truck. Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) say there were no serious injuries but multiple vehicles ended up colliding with the debris. 

The OPP announced yesterday via X that at 1:30 a.m. a tractor was travelling 20km/h on the QEW at Trafalgar Road in Oakville when it was struck by a large truck. The tractor lost one of its rear wheels and the truck's hood appears mangled (see photos attached).

Discourse on X has left users confused as to what happened, and who exactly is in the wrong. “How do you hit any vehicle on the shoulder?” one user wrote. “The cube van should be at fault in my opinion,” said another user. “A slow moving tractor on the shoulder is no different than a slow moving car with their 4ways on.”

The OPP were contacted to provide a comment but at the time this article was published, one has not been provided. It is unclear at this time whether or not the truck driver will be held liable. 


Ben Brown

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