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Six-Packs and Sippers: Super Bowl recommendations from a Sommelier

Dave Adamson on Unsplash
Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Beer has traditionally been the drink du jour on Super Bowl Sunday - although wine has increasingly been getting in on the action having also entered the playing field.

For tonight's big game with the Kansas City Chiefs versus the San Fransisco 49ers, local sommelier Cynthia Silversides has matched typical football fare paired with both beer and wine that'll take your Super Bowl LVIII to the next level!

Pairing suggestions below are matched to common foods and popular choices for Super Bowl parties.


  • Bud Light: The official beer of the NFL, this American pale lager beer is also great with pretzels!
  • Flying Monkeys Brewery Hoptical Illusion American Pale Ale (APA) from Barrie, Ontario
  • Chianti from Tuscany

Chicken Wings

  • Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale (IPA) from Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Off-dry Riesling from the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario
  • California Zinfandel


  • Mill Street Brewery Cobblestone Stout from Toronto, Ontario
  • Guinness Extra Stout
  • Chilean Carmenere

Nachos & Guacamole

  • Granville Island Brewing, Robson St. Hefeweizen from Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Albari├▒o from Rias Biaxas, Spain
  • Tempranillo from Spain

So there you have it: Super Bowl, Six-Packs, Sippers! Who's ready for some football!