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Spring into seasonal fashion with By Consignment



Consignment, n. "The act of consigning; the act of sending off goods to an agent for sale; goods sent or delivered to a factor for sale." (The New Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language, 1980 Ed.)

Do you want something new to wear for spring, but not at the expense of your wallet? By Consignment is a boutique in downtown Oakville that delivers just that –fashion on a budget. Sandi Hicks, who has been running the store for the past four years, knows a thing or two about style.

“It’s all about smoke and mirrors,” she says. “If you have a good body that’s great, but if you’ve had a couple of kids or you’ve got a bit of a belly, you need to adjust what you see on the runway so that it looks good on you.”

Hicks believes that some of the core pieces that every woman should own are blazers, trench coats, great shoes, scarves and a good-fitting pair of jeans.


“You can really see denim making a comeback in fashion,” says Hicks. “It’s very versatile. We’re seeing it in dresses and jackets, but it’s different in looks and cut than it was 10 years ago.”

Everyone picks up a fashion magazine from time to time, and seeing what’s trending on the runway can sometimes make the average woman cringe: blue mascara? Tartan? See-through skirts? What can you do if you just want to look good while going out to coffee with a friend? Hicks says that there are still ways to incorporate spring into your outfits:

  • Tangerine is a big colour for this spring. If you’re hesitant about wearing a lot of colour, incorporate it through a scarf or a pair of shoes.
  • Patterns are another way to spice up your wardrobe. Try buying patterned blouses to wear underneath a black blazer; or, for a bolder look, combine patterns, like polka dots and stripes.
  • In the vein of Mad Men and The Great Gatsby, pearls are back in. Try them in a traditional necklace and earrings, or in a more unconventional way, like as buttons or hair accessories.
  • Being eco-friendly is always in. Instead of buying a brand-new outfit, try buying a vintage dress for a party, or gently used blouse for the office.

The ladies of 'By Consignment': (L to R) Melita Kravis, Jean Ockerse, Sandi Hicks The ladies of 'By Consignment': (L to R) Melita Kravis, Jean Ockerse, Sandi Hicks

The ladies of 'By Consignment': (L to R) Melita Kravis, Jean Ockerse, Sandi Hicks

Just by making these few small changes, you can easily welcome spring with your wardrobe. And, by buying items second-hand, you’re reducing greenhouse gases, labour, cost and landfill waste.

“We’re such a throwaway society,” says Hicks. “That’s why consignment is such a good idea. There are so many people who go and buy lots of new things, but later they say, ‘What was I thinking?’, or their figure changes, or they get older. By recycling those clothes back into other people’s wardrobes, we’re helping the environment and our customers are saving money. We’re just making use of good things.”