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Protest at Minister Anand's Oakville office

Oakville News
Oakville News

On Thursday, May 25, just under 20 protestors decided to visit Oakville MP and Minister of National Defence Anita Anand's constituency office on Robinson Street in Downtown Oakville.

Along with placards and upside-down Canadian flags came the familiar pick-up trucks with Freedom Convoy stickers. 

They stirred enough concern that it wasn't long after their arrival that five Halton Regional Police officers and accompanying cruisers with flashing lights flanked the group. The officers then proceeded to block the entrance to Anand's office. 

Derek, who spoke for the group, explained that the reason for the constant honking was the group felt unheard, and the upside-down flag to them represented that Canada is "a country in distress."

When asked about who the group would like to see in power or a leader they supported, they felt there was a leadership vacuum. The issues they want a leader to address include ending impoverishment, over-taxation, drug addiction, homelessness and ensuring food banks are adequately stocked. 

The group also wants to ensure that digital currency and digital ID are not permitted, and internationally Canada would say no to United Nations mandates and not take direction from the World Economic Forum.  

These wishes were all encased in rhetoric about the alleged corruption of the Liberal government and Prime Minister Trudeau. 

Anita Anand is not the only MP who has been paid a visit by the group. According to them, several Toronto MPs have also had protestors at their office.  

About the Freedom Convoy

The freedom convoy originally started as a group opposed to COVID-19 vaccination and mandates.

It culminated in Ottawa in mid-winter 2022 as truckers closed down streets surrounding Parliament, honking their horns incessantly. As residents became more distressed, Ottawa police did little to quell the protestors. To interrupt trade, the group most notably blocked the country's most significant goods artery, the Ambassador Bridge.

Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act to quell the protest and end the blockade. It was the first time the act had been used since its creation in 1988. It wasn't until late February 2022 that the last truckers left Ottawa. 

In Oakville, individuals aligned with the movement lined the highway overpasses at Trafalgar Road, Dorval Drive and Third Line in early February 2022. Oakville residents' participation in the movement was captured in an Op-Ed by Geoff Godard in Trucker Convoy - Feb. 4/22