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Weekly Oakville crime update from Oct. 19 to 25

Halton Police | Oakville News
Halton Police | Oakville News

Halton Regional Police officers responded to 36 crime incidents in Oakville, Ontario, from Oct. 19 to 25. Compared to the seven-day week before, that marks a decrease of 37.9%.

Thursday, Oct. 20, was the busiest day, with nine incidents reported. Old Oakville residents reported the greatest number of crimes in this period (ten).

In addition, residents reported Theft of Vehicle most frequently (six incidents). Vehicle thefts have been steadily rising.

Over the past year, 481 vehicles were stolen in Oakville, 280 were taken in the last six months (if expanded to a year, would be 560), and 104 in the past month (if extended to a year, would be 1,248). In Halton, over the past year, over 1,200 vehicles were stolen, 774 in the last six months, and 263 in the past month. 

Due to ongoing investigations and ensuring the well-being of victims, Halton Regional Police Service does not post all crimes on the Crime Map.  

Oakville News Crime Statistics: Oct. 19 to 25
Date Time Address Description Case No. Neighbourhood
19-Oct 8:34 PM Meadowland Drive MVC - Hit & Run #202200313317 Glenorchy
19-Oct 10:30 PM Elgin Crescent Theft Of Vehicle #202200313735 Iroquois RIdge North
19-Oct 8:11 PM Reynolds Street Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200313299 Old Oakville
19-Oct 3:29 PM Robinson Street Theft From Auto #202200313042 Old Oakville
19-Oct 7:12 PM Cornwall Road Theft From Auto #202200313248 QEW East
20-Oct 5:00 PM Poplar Drive Theft Of Vehicle #202200314948 Eastlake
20-Oct 8:42 AM Elgin Crescent Theft Of Vehicle #202200313694 Iroquois RIdge North
20-Oct 2:25 PM Shepherd Drive MVC - Hit & Run #202200314018 Midtown Core
20-Oct 10:35 PM Cornwall Road Roadside Test #202200314427 Midtown Core
20-Oct 10:41 PM Cornwall Road Roadside Test #202200314431 Midtown Core
20-Oct 9:49 PM Randall Street MVC - PI #202200314398 Old Oakville
20-Oct 10:52 PM Randall Street Roadside Test #202200314434 Old Oakville
20-Oct 5:54 PM Lakeshore Road East Theft Of Vehicle #202200314196 Old Oakville
20-Oct 11:28 AM MVC - Hit & Run Trafalgar Road #202200306749 Old Oakville
21-Oct 3:15 AM Ford Drive Break And Enter Shop #202200314545 Eastlake
21-Oct 2:05 PM Ryland TR Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200315032 Eastlake
21-Oct 12:28 PM Bond Street Assault #202200314925 Old Oakville
21-Oct 2:48 PM Kerr Street Break And Enter Shop #202200314718 QEW West
22-Oct 5:41 PM Winston Churchill Break And Enter House #202200316194 Eastlake
22-Oct 1:00 PM Dunn Street Break And Enter House #202200316057 Old Oakville
22-Oct 5:45 PM Robinson Street Theft From Auto #202200314188 Old Oakville
22-Oct 12:59 AM Iroquois Shore Road MVC - Fatality #202200315515 River Oaks
22-Oct 12:59 AM Leighland Avenue MVC - PI #202200315516 River Oaks
23-Oct 3:18 PM Montclair Drive Theft Of Vehicle #202200317083 College Park
23-Oct 3:55 PM Montclair Drive Theft Under #202200317118 College Park
23-Oct 2:30 PM North Service Road West Theft Of Bicycle #202200317039 Glen Abbey
24-Oct 9:31 AM Queens Avenue Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200317803 College Park
24-Oct 6:20 PM Lakeshore Drive East Theft From Auto #202200318324 Eastlake
24-Oct 11:27 PM Lindsay Drive Theft From Auto #202200318584 Glen Abbey
24-Oct 7:22 AM Montgomery Drive Theft Of Vehicle #202200317681 Glen Abbey
24-Oct 10:00 AM Munns Avenue MVC - Hit & run #202200317838 Glenorchy
24-Oct 12:14 PM Bohemia Crescent Theft From Auto #202200317970 Midtown Core
25-Oct 1:40 PM Mcraney Street East Assault #202200319151 Glen Abbey
25-Oct 1:22 PM Kerr Street Assault #202200318643 Old Oakville
25-Oct 12:58 PM Kerr Street MVC - Hit & Run #202200319115 QEW West
25-Oct 9:36 PM Trafalgar Road MVC - PI #202200319553 River Oaks

Halton Regional Police does not provide specific addresses. 

If you are in danger or are witnessing a crime, dial 911. To report or provide information on a crime, contact Halton Regional Police Services, non-emergency number (905) 825-4747. If you have information about one or more of these incidents and have not already spoken with the police, please call them and use the case number as an identifier.

You can also submit tips anonymously to Crime Stoppers. "See something? Hear something? Know something? Contact Crime Stoppers" at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at

Source: HRPS Crime Map