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Weekly Oakville crime update from Nov. 9 to 15

Halton Police | Oakville News
Halton Police | Oakville News

Halton Regional Police officers responded to 44 crime incidents in Oakville, Ontario, from Nov. 9 to 15. Compared to the week before, that marks a decrease of 14%.

Monday, Nov. 14, was the busiest day, with ten incidents reported. Old Oakville residents reported the greatest number of crimes in this period (eleven in all.)

In addition, residents reported Property Damage Under $5,000 most frequently (nine incidents). Bicycle theft has also risen in Oakville.

Over the past seven days, Halton Police responded to three incidents of Theft of Bicycle, which, if this rate stayed consistent, would be 156 incidents a year. Incidents of Bicycle Theft in the past six months were 57, and in the past year 112. 

Over the past 30 days, have been 17 Bicycle Theft incidents - extrapolating to 204 per year.

Due to ongoing investigations and ensuring the well-being of victims, Halton Regional Police Service does not post all crimes on the Crime Map.  

Oakville News Crime Statistics: Nov. 9 to 15
Date Time Address Description Case No. Neighbourhood
09-Nov 2:00 PM Third Line Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200335218 Bronte
10-Nov 5:30 PM Victoria Street Federal Stats - Drugs #202200335645 Bronte
10-Nov 8:48 AM Morning Dove Drive Theft From Auto #202200335123 Iroquois Ridge North
10-Nov 11:19 AM Robinson Street Theft From Auto #202200335283 Old Oakville
10-Nov 8:24 PM Hays Boulevard Theft OF Bicycle #202200335807 Uptown Core
10-Nov 8:23 PM Upper Middle Road West Theft Of Bicycle #202200335806 West Oak Trails
10-Nov 7:15 AM Melvin Avenue Theft Of Vehicle #202200335068 Eastlake
10-Nov 2:37 AM Lyndhurst Drive Theft Of Vehicle #202200335105 Iroquois Ridge North
11-Nov 6:05 PM Donlea Crescent Break And Enter House #202200336696 QEW East
11-Nov 5:42 PM Kerr Street MVC - Hit & Run #202200336656 Old Oakville
11-Nov 2:55 PM Caldwell Drive MVC - PI #202200336507 Uptown Core
11-Nov 1:35 AM Highmount Crescent Offensive Weapons #202200335994 West Oak Trails
11-Nov 7:00 PM George Street Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200337144 Old Oakville
11-Nov 1:18 PM Cross Avenue Theft Over #202200336421 QEW Midtown Core
12-Nov 10:47 PM Lakeshore Road West Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200337211 Old Oakville
12-Nov 8:01 AM Pinewood Avenue Recovered Vehicle OTH Service #202200337113 Old Oakville
12-Nov 7:10 AM Lyons Lane Theft From Auto #202200337092 QEW Midtown Core
12-Nov 2:07 PM Nichols Drive Theft Of Bicycle #202200337349 Iroquois Ridge North
12-Nov 4:35 PM Reynold Street Theft Under #202200337450 Old Oakville
13-Nov 5:59 PM Lakeshore Road West Assault #202200338390 Bronte
13-Nov 8:20 AM Impaired Driving Dundas Street West #202200337987 River Oaks
13-Nov 12:42 PM Woodhaven Park Drive Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200338166 Bronte
13-Nov 4:57 PM Bluestream Drive Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200338341 Iroquois Ridge North
13-Nov 3:28 PM Ridge LG Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200338275 West Oak Trails
13-Nov 12:36 PM Oak Park Boulevard Recovered Vehicle OTH Service #202200338280 Uptown Core
13-Nov 10:30 PM Dunwood Drive Theft Of Vehicle #202200338927 Eastlake
13-Nov 9:41 AM Ninth Line Theft Under #202200338027 Iroquois Ridge North
14-Nov 6:43 PM Speers Road Assault #202200339375 QEW West
14-Nov 11:14 AM Rosemont Crescent MVC - Hit & Run #202200339023 West Oak Trails
14-Nov 6:09 PM Forval Drive Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200339355 Old Oakville
14-Nov 1:11 PM Queen Mary Drive Theft From Auto #202200339135 Old Oakville
14-Nov 9:19 AM South Service Road Theft From Auto #202200338920 QEW East
14-Nov 8:09 AM Stewart Street Theft From Auto #202200338863 Old Oakville
14-Nov 2:00 AM Stationmaster Lane Theft OF Vehicle #202200338846 Glen Abbey
14-Nov 9:00 AM Stationmaster Lane Theft Of Vehicle #202200338981 Glen Abbey
14-Nov 8:39 AM Merton Road Theft Over #202200338886 Glen Abbey
14-Nov 1:30 PM Cross Avenue Theft Over #202200339156 QEW Midtown Core
15-Nov 1:05 PM Hays Boulevard Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200340052 Uptown Core
15-Nov 1:22 PM Trafalgar Road Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200340065 Uptown Core
15-Nov 3:20 AM Forsythe Street Theft From Auto #202200339603 Old Oakville
15-Nov 3:20 AM Robinson Street Theft From Auto #202200339888 Old Oakville
15-Nov 3:01 PM Wyecroft Road Theft OF Vehicle #202200340144 QEW West
15-Nov 6:19 PM Hays Boulevard Theft Under #202200340316 Uptown Core

Halton Regional Police does not provide specific addresses. 

If you are in danger or are witnessing a crime, dial 911. To report or provide information on a crime, contact Halton Regional Police Services, non-emergency number (905) 825-4747. If you have information about one or more of these incidents and have not already spoken with the police, please call them and use the case number as an identifier.

You can also submit tips anonymously to Crime Stoppers. "See something? Hear something? Know something? Contact Crime Stoppers" at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at

Source: HRPS Crime Map