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Weekly Oakville crime update from Dec. 28 to Jan. 03

Halton Police | Oakville News
Halton Police | Oakville News

Halton Regional Police officers responded to 37 crime incidents in Oakville, Ontario, from Dec. 28 to Jan. 03. Compared to the week before, that marks a decrease of 32.7%.

Thursday, Dec. 29 was the busiest day, with nine reported incidents. Bronte residents reported the most significant number of crimes in this period (11).

In addition, residents reported Theft Of Vehicle most frequently (10 incidents). 

Over the past seven days, Halton Police responded to one incident of Arson; if this rate stayed consistent, would be 52 incidents a year. Incidents of Arson in the past six months were 4, and in the past year, 8.

Over the past 30 days, there have been 1 cases of Arson - which could extrapolate to 12 per year.

Due to ongoing investigations and ensuring the well-being of victims, Halton Regional Police Service does not post all crimes on the Crime Map.  

Oakville News Crime Statistics: Dec. 28 to Jan. 03
Date Time Address Description Case No. Neighbourhood
28-Dec 12:57 PM Bridge Road Break And Enter House #202200380795 Bronte
28-Dec 4:10 PM Speers Road MVC - Hit & Run #202200380979 QEW West
28-Dec 10:00 PM Valley Drive Theft Of Vehicle #202200381563 Bronte
28-Dec 11:30 PM Woodridge WY Theft Of Vehicle #202200381594 Iroquois Ridge North
28-Dec 2:20 AM Fielding CT Theft Of Vehicle #202200380489 Iroquois Ridge South
28-Dec 12:39 PM Wyecroft Road Theft Under #202200380768 Bronte
29-Dec 9:11 AM Iroquois Shore Road Assault #202200381609 Glen Abbey
29-Dec 9:11 AM Iroquois Shore Road Assault #202200381609 Iroquois Ridge South
29-Dec 12:18 PM Lakeshore Road West Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200381771 Bronte
29-Dec 10:31 AM Lindsay Drive Property Damage Under $5,000 #202200381670 Glen Abbey
29-Dec 10:05 AM Trafalgar Road Recovered Vehicle OTH Service #202200381651 Uptown Core
29-Dec 3:17 AM Mistwell CR Theft From Auto #202300381757 Bronte
29-Dec 8:29 AM Swansea DR Theft Of Vehicle #202200381579 Bronte
29-Dec 5:02 AM Woburn Crescent Theft Of Vehicle #202200381475 Bronte
29-Dec 11:04 AM Kerr Street Theft Under #202200381697 Old Oakville
30-Dec 9:06 AM Queen Mary Drive Arson #202200382642 Old Oakville
30-Dec 11:21 AM North Service Road East Break And Enter Other #202200382762 Midtown Core
30-Dec 9:10 AM Dorval Drive Impaired Driving #202200383288 QEW West
30-Dec 10:46 AM Leighland Avenue MVC - Hit & Run #202200382728 Glen Abbey
30-Dec 11:00 AM Upper Middle Road East MVC - Hit & Run #202200382745 Iroquois Ridge North
30-Dec 12:47 PM Lakeshore Road West MVC - Hit & Run #202200382835 Old Oakville
30-Dec 4:22 PM South Service Road West Theft Of Vehicle #20220038028 QEW West
30-Dec 5:17 PM Redwood SQ Theft Under #202200383071 QEW West
31-Dec 5:25 PM Dundas Street East Theft Of Vehicle #202200383974 Uptown Core
01-Jan 7:06 PM Melvin AV Break And Enter House #202300000683 Eastlake
01-Jan 3:21 AM Pondview Place Break And Enter House #202300000154 Iroquois Ridge North
01-Jan 1:47 AM Woody Road Property Damage Under $5,000 #202300000100 QEW West
01-Jan 7:31 AM Nipigon DR Property Damage Under $5,000 #202300000265 River Oaks
01-Jan 5:00 PM Whilabout TR Theft Of Vehicle #202300001369 Bronte
02-Jan 4:33 PM Wyatt ST Break And Enter House #202300001683 Bronte
02-Jan 4:14 PM Central Park Drive Offensive Weapons #202300001664 Uptown Core
02-Jan 4:10 PM Glenashton Drive Offensive Weapons #202300001662 Uptown Core
02-Jan 10:24 AM Cross Avenue Theft From Auto #202300001261 Old Oakville
02-Jan 10:00 PM Glocester Avenue Theft Of Vehicle #202300002265 Old Oakville
03-Jan 11:17 AM Lakeshore Road West Theft From Auto #202300002494 Bronte
03-Jan 3:51 PM Ford Drive Theft Of Vehicle #2023000002821 Eastlake
03-Jan 1:58 PM Great Lakes Boulevard Theft Over #202300002722 Bronte

Halton Regional Police does not provide specific addresses. 

If you are in danger or are witnessing a crime, dial 911. To report or provide information on a crime, contact Halton Regional Police Services, non-emergency number (905) 825-4747. If you have information about one or more of these incidents and have not already spoken with the police, please call them and use the case number as an identifier.

You can also submit tips anonymously to Crime Stoppers. "See something? Hear something? Know something? Contact Crime Stoppers" at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at

Source: HRPS Crime Map