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Oakville Hydro Status Update: December 25, 2013

Oakville Hydro working on the Ice Storm 2013 | OakvilleNews.Org
Oakville Hydro working on the Ice Storm 2013 | OakvilleNews.Org

Our work continues on the remaining power interruptions that are scattered through Oakville as we address both the safety situations and the power interruptions. This morning there are less than 30 customers currently experiencing a power interruption. Reconnection of customers who have had their service entrance repairs completed will continue throughout the day.

Given changing weather conditions and the continued threat of damage from tree limbs, it is still possible that homes may be without power for some time, so Oakville Hydro advises residents to be prepared and make plans for long-lasting outages. Long term planning is especially important for the elderly, infirm or for families with small children.

It is important to understand whether your power is delivered to your house via overhead wires or though underground lines to your meter. Depending on which is the case, there may be further steps for you to take

to complete the restoration of power.

If you live in an area that is serviced by underground lines, you should try re-setting the main breaker switch at your breaker panel. This may re-establish power to your house. If this resolves your problem, please call us at 905 825-9400 so we can update of record of remaining issues.

If you are a customer who receives their power via overhead power lines, you may have suffered damage to the “service stack” or “mast” attached at your roof (see picture below) and connected to you meter. If this happens, please follow the instructions below:

1. Any damage to your service stack (bent stack, pipe pulled away from the house etc.) needs to be repaired by a licensed electrician as Oakville Hydro is not authorized to repair privately owned equipment. Your repaired service stack needs to be approved by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) before Oakville Hydro can reconnect your power.

2. To speed up your approval, try to choose an electrician that is already approved by the ESA. You may find an approved contractor by checking the ESA website (

3. If your repair is completed by other electrical contractors, please then arrange for an ESA inspection by calling 1 877 372-7233 so that Oakville Hydro can reconnect your service. Contact Oakville Hydro at 905 825-9400 to request a service reconnection and press “1” for customer service.

If you spot a downed line or a tree branch resting on a power line, do not touch or attempt to remove the tree or the wire. It is recommended that you stay a minimum of three metres (10 feet) from the wire and call Oakville Hydro immediately. To report power interruptions or electrical emergencies call: 905 825-9400. Oakville Hydro’s call center is experiencing high call volumes so we appreciate your patience.

Oakville Hydro will continue to provide updates at For interruption notifications and updates, please follow us on Twitter at