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Oakville councillor challenges role of luxury apartments in housing strategy

Town Hall 9 | Oakville Town Hall | M Painchaud
Town Hall 9 | Oakville Town Hall | M Painchaud

Oakville town councillor Sean O'Meara has raised an important question regarding the contribution of a new 6-storey luxury apartment building to Oakville’s housing strategy. 

In this week's Planning & Development Council meeting on Monday, October 16, a proposed development for a 6-storey apartment building with 12 residential units, three ground-floor commercial units, and a rooftop penthouse was presented to the council.

When the room opened up for questioning, Councillor O'Meara asked, "By any definition that the province is using right now, how many affordable units will be included in this development?"

David Falletta, a planner representing the development firm Bousfields Inc., responded, "there is no requirement at this point for affordable housing on these lands, and as a result, none is being proposed at this point."

O'Meara questioned how this development is helping the province meet its affordable housing goal - which in the next 10 years is supposed to result in 33,000 new housing units in Oakville. 

Mayor Rob Burton clarified that the 33,000 new housing units are intended to encompass a spectrum of housing options, rather than exclusively focusing on affordable housing.

The proposed development hinges on the demolition of a two-storey commercial building at 115 Trafalgar, initiating the construction of these luxury apartments.

Councillor O'Meara's concerns emphasize the persistent discussion on affordable housing in Oakville, underscoring the need for continued exploration of solutions within the community.

If you're interested in learning more, you can watch the original council meeting here.


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