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Letter to the Editor: Remember Canada is Not Lost

National War Memorial | daryl_mitchell  -  Foter  -  CC BY-SA
National War Memorial | daryl_mitchell - Foter - CC BY-SA

On October 23rd, Canadians both at home and abroad awoke knowing that a part of them was lost forever. The tragic events of the October 22nd shootings in Ottawa horrified our nation and revealed some very dark truths about our country and our world.

Canada grieves with the Cirillo family, as we come to terms with losing one of our own at the hands of one of our own in a senseless killing that Canadians will carry in their hearts until the end of time.

As a nation, we have lost a son who proudly stood on guard for our country. In the days ahead, we will learn more about what took place in Ottawa, the killer's motive (if any), and the steps that will be taken to ensure this doesn't happen again.

But while we move forward we must ensure that the Canada Cpl Cirillo stood for is not lost. He stood on guard for a Canada that welcomes all peoples and cultures. He stood on guard for a Canada that protects people's human rights both at home and abroad. Cpl Cirillo stood on guard for a Canada that has an open, fair and free democracy. One that ensures every Canadian from the farthest reaches of the Yukon to the most westerly reaches of BC and the easterly reaches of Newfoundland could come to Ottawa to see their democracy at work.

As we move forward Canada, let's make sure to remember. Remember our fallen sons and remember what our military stands for. Remember to be compassionate instead of passing judgement, and to love instead of hate. Remember Cpl Nathan Cirillo, our fallen soldier.

Fraser Damoff

163 Westside Dr.

Oakville ON

Hon. BA, MA - GEA 2009