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Lanterflies spotted in Oakville

Magi Kern / Unsplash
Magi Kern / Unsplash

There has been a confirmed spotted lanterfly sighting in Oakville, Ontario. Spotted lanterflies are considered highly invasive species.

The lanterfly in Oakville was discovered by a local resident in east Oakville a few weeks ago on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2023. The photograph was uploaded to website iNaturalist and is being investigated by Canada's Invasive Species Centre (ISC).

The ISC notes "A detection is a live, spotted lanternfly confirmed by the CFIA in the Canadian environment." The organization did note that early fall is the regular mating season for lanterflies so a sighting could very well be possible.

Naturalists with the ISC says while cold weather expected in November should kill off the adult flies, any eggs laid in the fall can survive till next spring.

Additional reports say there have been several reports of spotted lanterflies in several Niagara locations, prompting concern for the region's agricultural industry, including vineyards.

Megan Nesseth, a spokesperson for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says that, "there have been multiple sightings reported in Niagara Region." Nesseth made no mention was made of any sightings in Oakville.


Tyler Collins

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