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Halton Police reveal changes to alarm program


Halton Police (HRPS) are following in the footsteps of other police agencies across Ontario and changing the administration of its Alarm Program. 

As of Thursday, Jun. 15, homeowners and commercial operators "will no longer be able to register nor renew their premises for alarm response at a discounted rate."

Premises "will also no longer be suspended from the Alarm Program for repeated false alarms," so police officers can provide uninterrupted protection and service whenever they are dispatched to an address. 

According to the HRPS, they respond to all activated alarms even though 98% of alarm calls are deemed false.

Investigating these alarms is time-consuming and diverts valuable officer resources from frontline duties. - HRPS

They will continue to charge the alarm monitoring company, that represents the home or property in question, cost recovery fees. Whenever the HRPS is dispatched and alarm is deemed to be false, there will be a charge of $197.75 ($175.00 plus $22.75 HST).

But there won't be a fee for any alarm that is determined to be caused by a criminal offence, medical or fire emergency.

A transition period will be in place for premises for those currently registered for the Alarm Program. These premises will continue to be charged based on the previous rates and program until their term ends, after which they will be unable to renew and will fall under the new alarm program rates.

if you have questions about the Alarm Program, you are advised to contact your alarm service provider directly.

You can find additional information about changes to the Alarm Program, as well as useful tips on purchasing an alarm and preventing false alarms, online here