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GIN, TONIC, and ICE: Oakville Sommelier

Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic

What a wonderful New Year's Eve 2013 I had in Toronto beginning with an opera performance at Roy Thomson Hall with yours truly in the choir backing an international cast, then ending the year at Nota Bene Restaurant with family. To kick off my dining experience I ordered a refreshing cocktail, THE G&T. Now this was not your ordinary Gin and Tonic. Nota Bene has a special cocktail menu listing their Gin, tonic, and ice choices. It seems this G&T has become all the rage as of late, and I can see and taste why! THE GIN list has 12 options, mostly from the UK and Canada. Citadelle Gin from France, distilled with botanicals including fennel and lilac came highly recommended to me by our server. My husband chose Hendrick’s Gin from Scotland, which is infused with cucumber and rose.

For THE TONIC my husband had Fever Tree, described as crystal clear, natural, and complex. I went with the NB House Tonic, again recommended by our server, natural, unfiltered, with fine bubbles. When it came to THE ICE I chose Crushed for maximum chill and dilution, and my husband went with Cubed for maximum chill and medium dilution. THE TONIC, THE GIN, and THE ICE were served in separate glasses along with a tray holding hibiscus flower petals which turn your drink into varying reddish shades, cucumber slices and a vial of juniper berries for us to further flavour our drinks as desired. Both our  G&T mixes were impressive and satisfying - you might just have to put on your mixologist hat and try one of your own making!

Nota Bene G&T: Citadelle Gin, NB House Tonic, and Crushed Ice Photo credit: © C. Silversides Nota Bene G&T set-up:

Nota Bene G&T set-up:

Citadelle Gin, NB House Tonic, and Crushed Ice

Photo credit: © C. Silversides

After cocktails, thinking about wine. What is happening in Oakville this January? The Oakville Wine Enthusiasts Club has Harwood Estate Vineyards from Prince Edward County, The Solar Winery, presenting at their first meeting of club year 2014 on Friday, January 31st.

So there you have it: GIN, TONIC, and ICE