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Halton Police’s firearms and weapons amnesty begins on June 1

Handgun | Pexels
Handgun | Pexels

The Halton Regional Police Service’s (HRPS) next firearms and weapons amnesty will begin on June 1.

This Amnesty gives Halton’s residents and businesses the chance to surrender unwanted or illegally-owned firearms, weapons and/or ammunition to the HRPS “without the worry of being charged for having them.”

Superintendent Al Albano believes that removing unwanted or unregistered firearms and weapons from homes and businesses eliminates “the chance of them falling into the hands of criminals and being used in violent crimes.”

Any other weapon that may pose a threat to public safety can also be surrendered. These items include:

  • Imitation firearms and air guns
  • Switchblades
  • Butterfly knives
  • Pepper spray
  • Nunchakus (Nunchucks)
  • Shurikens (Throwing Stars)
  • Push daggers
  • Knife combs
  • Crossbows
  • Spiked wristbands
  • Batons
  • Blowguns

You can find additional information about prohibited weapons, including images of key items to assist in identification, on the HRPS' Amnesty website.

This Amnesty is not associated with any government buyback program.

The HRPS plans to augment the Amnesty with a campaign on our Service’s social media channels to help educate the public about what constitutes a prohibited weapon.

To schedule a pick-up:

Those interested in surrendering firearms, weapons and/or ammunition as part of this Amnesty should visit the official website and complete the online appointment request form. Appointments will be available starting June 1st.

Members of the public can also contact HRPS’ Property and Evidence Management Unit at 905-825-4777 ext. 5319 or via email to [email protected] (Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.).