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Events in Oakville: September 4, 2013


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Late summer is here. The children are back at school, and the GO Station parking lot is full. The weather is following with cool mornings and warm afternoons. This morning you'll need a jacket as the temperature dropped down to plus 16. You'll want something lighter as you come out of work this afternoon when the high will reach plus 24,  It heads back down to plus 12 by late this evening. There is the chance of isolated showers. The sun will be out for most of the day. The wind will be out of the west at 25 km/h with gusts up to 42 km/h.

  • Air quality is good

  • UV index is moderate

  • Pollen count is high

The sun rose at 6:45 AM and sets at 7:48 PM. What a great day to get outside, and go for a stroll.