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Events in Oakville: September 12, 2013


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Cool dry air is on its way by late list afternoon. This morning will continue to be extremely humid, with what should be a comfortable plus 19 feeling like 26. Today's high will be 21 feeling like 27. Thunderstorms and rain are expected through out today and into this evening. The temperature will drop to plus 16 by this evening with the humidity having little to no effect. The wind will start out of the West, but will change to North-West with a sustained wind speed of 20 km/h gusting up to 38 km/h.

  • Air quality is good to moderate

  • UV index is moderate

  • Pollen count is moderate

The sun rose at 6:53 AM and sets at 7:33 PM. Well, it appears we are going to be leaving the summer weather behind, and arrive into fall. Have a great day!