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Events in Oakville: April 18, 2014

where-is-the-easter-egg, Oakville News | Oakville News
where-is-the-easter-egg, Oakville News | Oakville News

Events: Good Friday

Please note that government buildings and services will be closed on Good Friday: IE Libraries, Town Hall, & Community Centres. Downtown Oakville is considered a tourist area so some stores maybe open. The YMCA is open today.

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We are in for a damp day with the prospect of rain being 40 percent. At sunrise (6:30 AM) the temperature was plus 4. Today's high is expected to reach plus 11, and by sunset (8:05 PM) the skies should start to clear. A South-West wind is blowing in this warmer damp air. The overnight low will drop down to plus 2. A perfect day to get the inside chores done, so that you can make the most of what looks to be a beautiful Spring weekend. Have a great day!