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Events in Oakville: October 3, 2013


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Rain is approaching. You'll need your umbrella. Sorry but it's going to rain, but who can really complain with the incredible few days we've just had. The morning will start off at plus 11, heading  to a high of plus 20, before it drops back down to plus 16 for the evening. The cloud cover should be fully established by the afternoon with a 40 percent chance of rain, and by the evening the chance of rain will rise to 60 percent. The wind starts off in the West, then North, then East and settling at South-East. It will be light at 5 km/h.

The sun rises at 7:19 AM and sets at 6:56 PM. So it will be a great day to catch up on inside jobs, and enjoying a book in the evening. Have a great day!