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Events in Oakville: February 1, 2014


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Weather: Storm Watch

Snow, along with rain, and ice rain are all expected today starting this morning and continuing through the day. This morning we are looking at the potential of 1 cm of snow, with 5 cm expected during the afternoon. Sunrise at 7:35 AM to sunset at 5:29 PM, continuous cloud cover is expected. Temperatures will be moderate through out the day starting off at minus one, pop up to plus two, and drop slightly to minus two by late this evening. We'll be dealing with an ever increasing East wind with average speeds rising from this morning's 10 km/h to 25 km/h with gusts up to 47 km/h by this evening. East winds are usually never great for Oakville, since the lake effect can add substantially to the total accumulation. So as you head out today, be prepared and stay safe.  Have a great day!