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Events in Oakville: December 8, 2013

Street Meat: Oakville News | Oakville News
Street Meat: Oakville News | Oakville News


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It appears winter is actually here to stay at least for today. As you head out this morning you'll want to be wearing your winter coat, gloves and hat since the temperature is minus seven and the windchill makes it feel like minus nine. The wind will continue increase from 5 km/h to 25 km/h gusting up to 44 km/h by this evening. It is an east wind, which usually means that with a 90 percent chance of precipitation by late this evening Oakville could see it's fair share of snow, especially south of the QEW.  The sun rose at 7:39 AM and sets at 4:41 PM. Have a great day and remember to keep warm.