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Events in Oakville: December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve, Oakville News
Christmas Eve, Oakville News

Events: Christmas Eve

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The light dusting of snow that landed this morning is all that is expected today and will remain with us for the next several days. It will be the first time in many years that Oakville will experience a white Christmas. The temperature is a cold minus 11 only rising a few degrees to reach today's high of minus nine. The North-West wind will be blowing at 15 km/h creating a windchill effect of 7 to 9 degrees. The sun rose at 7:50 AM and will set at 4:46 PM. This evening the temperature will dip to minus 12. With the windchill it will feel like minus 17. So bundle up, and take a moment to enjoy this beautiful winter's day!