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Events in Oakville: August 14, 2013


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Another cool but comfortable day in Oakville. Sun and clouds and a chilly morning temperature of plus 16 are forecast for this morning. However, as the day progresses  we'll will hit a respectable high of  a plus 22, before it dips down this evening to plus 18. The wind will be coming out of the North-West at 25 km/h with gust up to 39 km/h, so another amazing day for sailing.

  • Air quality is  very good

  • UV index is high

  • Pollen count is moderate

The sun rose at 6:22 AM and sets at 8:23 PM. So you'll need a sweater or a light jacket this morning, but you'll be able to take it off by this afternoon. A perfect day to enjoy the weather, a friend, or a cup of coffee. Have a great day!