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Events in Oakville: January 3, 2014


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Weather: Extreme Cold Alert

You know it is cold outside when your dog doesn't want to stay outside and snoop around the yard. At minus 22 that feels like minus 32, who could blame him. The good news is that the Arctic air will be making its way out of Oakville as the day progresses. By this afternoon the temperature will have warmed up by seven degrees to minus 15 and by this evening it will have reached today's high of minus 11. As the warmer air continues to make its way into town, the winds will continue to pick up speed from this morning's 5 km/h to 30 km/h with gusts up to 51 km/h. The sun will rise at 7:52 AM and shine until sunset at 4:54 PM. There will start to be a few scattered clouds rolling in as the day progresses.

Have a great day!