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Environment Canada issues a Weather Alert for Oakville: March 3, 2015

Extreme Weather Alert, Town of Oakville, March 3 2015 | Sara
Extreme Weather Alert, Town of Oakville, March 3 2015 | Sara

Environment Canada issued the following Warning at 4:41 AM EST Tuesday 03 March 2015

Freezing rain warning in effect for Oakville:

A low pressure system developing over the American Plains will track towards southern Ontario today, bringing a wintery mix of precipitation to the region. Snow accompanied by some ice pellets is expected to develop early this morning over extreme Southwestern Ontario and reach the Golden Horseshoe near midday. It is forecast to transition to freezing rain near midday in the southwest and this afternoon in the Hamilton and Niagara corridor. The freezing rain will persist for a few hours before tapering to some light rain or drizzle as temperatures nudge above the freezing mark early this evening.

Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery. Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas.

Freezing Rain Warnings are issued when rain falling in sub-zero temperatures creates ice build-up and icy surfaces.

Original post: 6:50 PM March 2, 2015

Just as we all had hoped that the weather was going to calm down, with temperatures closer to zero, and sunshine, Environment Canada issues another weather alert for Tuesday, February 3, 2015. So this time, you'll need all your fowl weather gear. We are going to see it all tomorrow.

So according to the alert, in the morning we'll experience extreme cold temperatures,  by mid-afternoon we'll get 5 to 10 cm's of snow, over rush hour we'll get ice pellets with freezing rain, and then to top it all off there is the possibility of rain in the early evening.

Here is Environment Canada's Alert for Oakville which was released at 3:31 PM on Monday, March 2, 2015:

A system bringing snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and rain to Southern Ontario Tuesday.

A low pressure system developing over the American plains will be tracking towards Southern Ontario, bringing a wintery mix of precipitation to the region Tuesday.

For Extreme Southwestern Ontario east towards the Niagara Peninsula: precipitation is forecast to begin as snow or ice pellets then transition through a period of freezing rain before temperatures rise above zero and a change to rain occurs. The freezing rain could persist for a few hours late Tuesday afternoon or evening and some locales may require a freezing rain warning.

Further north, for areas east of Southern Lake Huron to regions north of Lake Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area: precipitation is expected to be predominantly snow, however, it could be mixed with ice pellets and freezing rain at times Tuesday afternoon or evening. General snowfall amounts in the 5 to 10 cm range will be possible with lower amounts in areas that receive more ice pellets or freezing rain.

There is still some uncertainty with regards to precipitation type and amount. Environment Canada meteorologists are watching the evolution of this storm closely and will issue further statements or alerts as needed.

So grab your parka, rain coat, and rubber boots. Make sure your children and pets are away from running streams, since everything is still frozen over.