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On Earth Hour, Oakville switched off about 750,000 15-watt light bulbs

Oakville Hydro report states our town saved approximately 11.3 MWh on March 25.

During Earth Hour on March 25, our town saved approximately 11.3 MWh, equivalent to switching off about 750,000 15-watt light bulbs for one hour. 

Oakville Hydro, which delivers electricity to more than 76,000 individuals and businesses in the town, released this data on March 27. 

The town-wide data was compiled after comparing the total consumption for Earth Hour last Saturday with that for the same time slot on Saturday, March 18.       

Oakville Hydro had also ensured to turn off all non-essential lighting during Earth Hour.

Though exact population changes for the town year over year are unavailable, the results also point to reduced consumption per capita. 

However, this year’s energy savings was 4.9 MWh less than that saved on Earth Hour last year. 

"Together, even the smallest sustainable action adds up to make a significant difference. Thank you to the community for their continued efforts," said Oakville Hydro’s Chief Energy Transformation Officer Scott Mudie. 

What is Earth Hour?

The World Wildlife Fund started Earth Hour in 2007 with a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia, to raise awareness about the environmental issues affecting our planet. Since then, it has gradually expanded worldwide across 7,000 cities and towns.

This one-hour annual event on the last Saturday of March encourages people to show their commitment to preventing climate change by switching off lights and other unnecessary electronics from 8.30 pm onwards. Earth Hour saw over 414,341 people from 187 countries and territories participating this year. 

Can We do More?

The Town of Oakville has a population of 231,000, and Oakville Hydro suggests that smart thermostats are a helpful option when trying to reduce energy use.

"According to the Ministry of Energy, a smart thermostat can help reduce energy costs by up to 15% per year. More information on tips to inspire energy-reducing lifestyles can be found on Save on Energy’s website," shared Oakville Hydro’s Communications Specialist Cassandra Umbriaco.

She also encourages residents to follow Oakville Hydro’s conservation tip of the day on its social media channels, including eliminating phantom power and washing clothes in cold water.