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Dump truck driver and company charged

Constable Marc Taraso, a traffic enforcement officer for the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) stopped a mini dump combo truck in Downtown Oakville after he “observed a missing wheel bearing hub cap" and heard "dragging safety chains.”

After stopping the vehicle, he discovered that the driver only had a G license.

With an HRPS Community Officer by his side, the vehicle was fully inspected.

They found that it was overweight by 8 tons. The driver needed a minimum class DZ licence to operate the vehicle, but only had a GZ.

The company name of the previous owner of the truck was still in place. Taraso urges the public to think about complications that would arise, for instance, if the truck was involved in a hit and run. It could wrongly implicate someone unrelated to the incident.

Moreover, the safety chains were worn out, the pintle hook eye was worn beyond 20%, and there was insecure decking. The broken rear suspension hanger/missing rebound bolts on the trailer was causing the axle to shift and the trailer wheel had a missing bearing hub cap.

The driver and the company have both been charged.