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Casual Meets Luxury at Muskoka Dry Goods: Oakville Style Guru


The winter season is here and there's nothing better than a good quality sweater and that’s exactly what made me fall in love with Muskoka Dry Goods. The store offers a variety of warm shirts, sweaters, pants, coats and accessories.  The Menswear brand itself is making its debut with the cottage inspired Oakville pop-up store located in Downtown Oakville. 

Muskoka Dry Goods is owned by The Jaytex Group, which houses brands such as Kenneth Cole, Ben Sherman,  and the list goes on. However, this is the first Canadian based endeavor the firm has ever made – and hopefully it will be a mainstay in our town for years to come.

The company chose to start with a pop-up store to test the product in the market-place. Many Oakville-Citizens are well acquainted with the Muskoka lifestyle, making our town the perfect place to build the brand.

For men who love the perfect flannel pattern shirt, or thick knit sweaters - Muskoka Dry Goods is the perfect destination. What is great about the clothes is that they are very traditional in terms of using the best quality materials and styles, yet they fit in a contemporary and streamlined form.

My favourite items include the brown-moleskin cargo pants and the plaid shirt that I am wearing in the picture above. I also loved the thick knit Fair Isle sweaters, the logo print mens tote and the Italian made pea-coats. Some pieces are even made in Canada & Italy.

The store is very warm and inviting, and the staff is great. I highly recommend this store for anyone who is looking for pieces that are unique and warm, and for those who can appreciate the comfort and quality of cottage inspired fashion.

mdg4 The Gentlemen of Muskoka Dry Goods

The Gentlemen of Muskoka Dry Goods