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Oakville Camera calls for photography submissions

Will your photo win? Submissions are accepted until Feb. 6.
Capture Oakville
Capture Oakville's winning photograph by Marilyn Jarrett | Marilyn Jarrett

Calling all photographers! Oakville Camera Club announced the details regarding Capture Oakville 2023, its annual photography contest. 

As always, this competition is open to any person who is a resident of Ontario, but for those under the age of 18, their consent form must be signed by a legal guardian. 

Six categories include Capture Oakville - The Streets of Oakville, People & Portraits, Black & White, Landscape, Nature & Wildlife, and Exploration.

Capture Oakville competition categories

  • Capture Oakville – The Streets of Oakville  - An image that captures and demonstrates the interaction of people and their behaviours in public places within Oakville where you catch a realistic ‘decisive moment.’ Though people usually feature directly, street photography might be absent of people. It can be of an object or environment within Oakville where the imagery projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic.
  • People & Portraits - A compelling portrait photography that captures the moment of contact or interaction while accentuating the essential characteristics and personality of the human spirit. The human subject should be the central element. Photographs can include, Candid or Posed, Portraiture, Studio, or Photojournalism.
  • Black & White - A ‘creative’ visual image which uses the aesthetic of the black and white medium best to represent the impression of tone, texture or contrast to attract, guide and/or polarize the viewer's attention. This category is open to any subject matter.
  • Landscapes - A grand expanse of Scenery, Landscape, spectacular natural event, or Environmental vista which conveys the scale, size or proportion of what you are photographing. The image may include wide-format panoramic field-of-view, High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques. Human elements are acceptable if they are not the primary subject matter. Note: Cityscapes are excluded from this category.
  • Nature & Wildlife - Compelling image of natural elements such as wildlife, plants, insects, and close-ups of small natural subjects or textures.* Close-up or Macro photographs are welcome in this category. * Small natural subjects or textures could include parts of animals/plants/insects such as feathers, flower stamens, pollen, leaf vein patterns, compound eyes of insects, etc.** Hand-of-Man elements are ‘discouraged.’
  • Exploration - Open to creative and innovative images that explore new personal directions in the art or science of photography and result in compelling images with strong visual and/or emotional impact. 

Any subject matter or technique may be used. Images will be evaluated on their creativity, impact and innovative application of photographic principles and techniques. 

So look through your photos and see which you will use for entries. You can enter 1 photo per category!!

For further details regarding the 2023 Categories and cut-off dates and to access the entry portal, please visit the Capture website

The submission deadline is Feb 6.

Our virtual gala and awards night will be held on Apr 21, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. 

If you are a guest and would like to participate in this event, please email [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.