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Businesses, residents and stakeholders unite with One Bronte - One Voice

Have they found the magic of how to build community?
Bronte Village Market Square Christmas Tree | Oakville News N.M
Bronte Village Market Square Christmas Tree | Oakville News N.M

Building a community takes more than a developer building a square, according to Bronte Village stakeholders.

The Bronte Historical Society, the Bronte BIA, and the Bronte Village Residents Association have formed One Bronte ~ One Voice. As the highest-density community in Oakville, Bronte is set for further development in the coming years. 

However, despite being one of the gateways to the lake and boasting various assets, the full potential of these resources remains untapped due to a lack of vision and funding, according to One Bronte ~ One Voice organizers, which aims to address these issues and act as a voice for positive change, advocating for the village's needs and partnering with council.

"Bronte Village has a unique heritage with Oakville, which has been too often overlooked," according to Harry Shea, President of the Bronte Village Residents Association. "One Bronte ~ One Voice intends to bring forward this history as it continues to expand its footprint within the community."

Bronte, serving as a connection to the lake for cultural activities, passive recreation, and waterfront experiences, can potentially welcome residents from various Oakville neighbourhoods, including the new Mid Town Core, Uptown Core, Palermo, and Bronte GO Station.

Unfortunately, without proper vision and funding, organizers say many of Bronte's assets have not been fully utilized.

One Bronte ~ One Voice seeks to draw attention to the village's needs, advocate and effectively communicate with the community. Acting as a community partner for the council, the organization strives to bring about positive change in Bronte.

Over the next year, One Bronte ~ One Voice plans to broaden its reach and expand its influence. The organization aims to collaborate with more community-based organizations, businesses, key stakeholders, community leaders, and the general public. By doing so, it hopes to amplify its message and achieve tangible results for Bronte.

One Bronte ~ One Voice debuted at the Nov. 1 budget meeting in support of the Bronte BIA's request for $35,000 for the Market Square Placemaking Initiative. The developer's failure to fulfill promises made to the residents has, more often than not, left the Market Square vacant and underutilized, symbolizing the untapped potential of many community assets. The Market Square sits north of Lakeshore Road West and east of Bronte Road.

The Bronte Village’s annual Christmas tree lighting illustrated the square's potential as the Market Square filled with residents and visitors on Nov. 25 with curling rinks, picnic benches, a beavertail food trailer and a stunning tree.

Though the budget committee approved the request for funds, Mayor Burton, tasked with finding cuts to bring the budget within an acceptable increase, had to cut Bronte One’s request. 

According to O’Shea, the funding requested for the Market Square Placemaking Initiative will be instrumental in revitalizing the space. The aim is to transform it into a vibrant and welcoming destination, attracting visitors to spend a day immersed in the village's charm and facilitating new community events. Mr. O’Shea made a plea again to councillors at last night’s meeting. 

Ward 1 Councillor Jonathan McNeice organized a meeting of Ward 1 community stakeholders as an election commitment to building community. 

"We all listened to each other at this meeting and realized that we had a lot more in common than we thought," said McNeice. "From that meeting, the stakeholders took it upon themselves to form One Bronte - One Voice to proactively advocate for the things that overlap among those involved."

"This is the start of something really great for our community; One Bronte - One Voice has already had some quick wins in advocating for some new signage that speaks to our heritage and holiday lights on our waterfront. I look forward to what is possible as this group expands its reach and ambitions in 2024 with a much-needed positive and proactive approach to community engagement."

“The visionary directions that emerged included celebrating local vibrancy, embracing inclusivity and anticipating change,” stated Bronte BIA Executive Director Kylie Wilson. "One Bronte ~ One Voice is an exciting opportunity to collaborate and mobilize our community’s ideas and desires for an even better Bronte into action."

Many more community squares will be part of Mid-Town, Uptown, Palmero and other new developments and considered green space. The town must address how to ensure those spaces create a sense of community.

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