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Make Mary’s Muffins a healthy snack alternative

Mary's Muffins

The timing to launch a muffin business couldn’t have been more apropos for Oakville’s Mary Legakis Engel than National Muffin Day.

Mary Legakis Engel, owner of Mary
Mary Legakis Engel, owner of Mary's Muffins in Oakville | Mary's Muffins

Around 2010, California resident Jacob Kaufman discovered an affinity for muffins. He began baking his own to bring to work. En route, he was met by several homeless people and offered each of them a muffin. 

Inspired by the gratifying feeling, he continued to make them and then hand them out to the less fortunate every morning before work, carrying on this routine for years. News of his good deed caught the attention of the media. 

In 2015, native New Yorker Julia Levy wanted to get involved to help expand this charitable into a national movement. The idea took off and National Muffin Day was established on Feb. 20.

Double dark chocolate-chip muffin at Mary
Double dark chocolate-chip muffin at Mary's Muffins in Oakville | Mary's Muffins

Why reach for a muffin?

Simply put, they are tasty, rich in nutrients, and easily digestible, providing quick energy boosts. Bodybuilders recognize its significant protein content, as well as being a good source of carbohydrates, making them a great go-to snack. 

Whether choosing to eat it for its health benefits or not, the varieties of flavours available are limitless. Each muffin can satiate the appetite of those needing a little something to either start their day off with or satisfy their mid-day hunger.

Mary recognized the value of a healthy muffin. Unable to find enough available options locally, she decided to bake her own for her family to enjoy. 

In 2020, Mary conducted a survey on social media asking the community if there was an interest in healthy homemade muffins. Based on the results, she launched Mary’s Muffins, selling her 20-year-old company as a business coach to start something new.

Working out of a commercial kitchen in Bronte during the pandemic, her delivery service business became quite lucrative. Once the restrictions were lifted, the decision of whether it made good business sense to open a physical shop or not was in front of her. Mary found a suitable place in Kerr Village and took the leap. 

Renovations commenced, and Mary’s Muffins was strategically ready to open its doors on what was not one but two nationally recognized holidays – Family Day and National Muffin Day. Relieved and delighted, she shared, "Business has been steady since the opening. I can’t make the muffins fast enough."

Buckwheat blueberry lemon spice muffin at Mary
Buckwheat blueberry lemon spice muffin at Mary's Muffins in Oakville | Mary's Muffins

Mary creates her recipes with ingredients sourced from Oakville grocers, local farmers, and from across the GTA. She confesses that most of the fresh ingredients are selected from Organic Garage

Mary’s Muffins offers gluten-free, vegan and grain-free options. Each one is naturally sweetened and uses whole-grain flour. Infusing the skills she honed in business, Mary listens to the needs of her customers, offering more products made with natural ingredients over organic ones to sell her muffins at more affordable pricing.

Guests will find six to eight flavours on display daily, with 18 additional flavours kept flash-frozen to meet demand. Customer favourites have been identified as banana breakfast with dark chocolate chips, as a gluten option, and lemony-blueberry or double dark chocolate chip in whole wheat. 

She reveals that the new cult pick, cranberry orange pecan muffin, is creating some buzz. Prices vary for individual muffins, ranging from $1.10 to $3.95. There is an espresso bar with coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos, Greek frappes, matcha drinks and more.

Open daily from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Online ordering will be available in the next couple of weeks. Shipping is scheduled to resume within the next month. Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats will be offered in the next few weeks.

Mary adds, "I would love for guests to come to the village and hang out here, listen to some music and share some conversation with friends over a muffin and a cup of some of the finest coffees from Oakville roasterie Carvalho Coffee that we serve."

Mary’s Muffins has seating for 20 inside. Look for the patio opening as the weather continues to improve.

Mary's Muffins

Mary's Muffins

326 Kerr Street

(905) 844-8322

Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.