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April 22, 2023 coronavirus update for Oakville

New Oakville Hospital | Halton Healthcare Services
New Oakville Hospital | Halton Healthcare Services

This is Oakville's coronavirus update for Saturday, April 22, 2023. Active cases are up in Oakville this week, though lower in other parts of Halton.

Report reports its first death this month, but also a substantial rise in hospital admissions from COVID-19 that represent half of all hospitalizations in the region.

Just one week after all Oakville outbreaks had resolved, two new ones have opened locally retirement and long-term care homes: one at Post Inn Village's Willow Home and another on Chartwell Oakville's fourth floor.

Halton continues to fall behind on our booster shots: less than 20% of the region's population has a full series of immunization, and the percentage of residents with outdated immunization has grown every week since the start of 2023. Among those 50 and under, those fully immunized is only at 10%.

Ontario has changed its isolation requirements for those affected with COVID-19: you now only need to isolate until you have been symptom free for 24 hours

The province also has not updated its case and vaccination data for two weeks, similarly to February 2023. No reason has been provided to Oakville News why the pause in public reporting.

Active cases continue to rise throughout Ontario and Canada-wide - though the pace new cases are growing at is beginning to slow down as warmer weather arrives in some provinces. Epidemiologists believe the daily total may start to decline by early May.

The bivalent booster vaccine is now available to those ages 5 and up. Uptick in vaccinations across the province, including locally, has been especially slow, at a pace now 80% slower from fall 2021. Ontario's cumulative known cases has surpassed 1.6 million people.

760 million cases of COVID-19 have now been recorded worldwide since the start of the pandemic; 6.9 million people have died.


**Vaccine booking: Fourth doses (second booster doses) of vaccine are now available for anyone in Halton age 5 and up, though fourth doses must be at least five months since your last dose and 90 days since having COVID-19.

Halton continues to book first and second-dose vaccinations for all residents age six months and older, plus third-dose boosters for anyone age 5 and up.

**CLICK HERE to book a first, second, third or fourth vaccination appointment at a Halton Region vaccine clinic

Oakville COVID-19 Update:

  • 19 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported (1 more than last week)
  • 5 people were hospitalized (4 more than last week)
  • 1 new death (1 more than last week)
  • 2 active outbreaks in Oakville - plus 2

Halton COVID-19 Update:

  • 46 new cases of COVID-19 (19 less than last week)
  • 10 people were hospitalized (5 more than last week)
  • 1 new death (1 less than last week)
  • 4 active outbreaks in Halton - plus 1

Vaccinations in Halton Region:

  • At least 1.54 million doses have been administered in Halton
  • 93% of Halton residents have at least two doses (the primary series)
  • 18% of eligible Halton residents (age 12+) are up to date on their booster shots (have had the primary series and a booster dose in the last six months)
  • 45% of eligible residents have a primary series and a booster more than six months ago

Ontario COVID-19 Update:

  • There have been 1.60 million cases in Ontario to date
  • 16,404 deaths to date (+36 this week)
  • 812 people are in hospital with COVID-19 (+29 this week)
  • There are 80 people in ICU (+6 this week)

Summary of provincial vaccinations

Canadian COVID-19 Update:

  • Canada has had 4.55 million cumulative cases of COVID-19
  • There are 548,200 active cases in Canada (+3,900 this week)
  • 3,220 people are currently in hospital (+11 this week)
  • There are 50,170 deaths to date (+101 this week)
  • 82.70% of Canadians are fully vaccinated (+0.01%)

Global COVID-19 Update:

  • U.S. cases to date are now above 104.44 million; 1.12 million have died
  • Only 16.7% of Americans are up-to-date with all recommended vaccine booster doses
  • 763.74 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the pandemic started; 6.90 million people have died

The evidence is clear: vaccination (including all recommended booster shots) is still the best way to be protected. Local, provincial, national and international health units affirm the same data that Canada's approved vaccines effectively protect you from COVID-19 and significantly reduces your risk of getting sick, going to the hospital, and dying from the disease. 

Halton Region
Halton Region

Pictured right is a graph from Halton region last year showing how dramatically your risk of getting sick or being admitted to hospital is when vaccinated - numbers that have remained consistent since vaccine deployment began in early 2021.