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Anna's Cakes - a nod to the delicious

A talented baker with a Persian sensibility opens her cakery just west of the Sixteen on Lakeshore Road West.
Anna's Cakes in Oakville | Anna Cekby

There’s a beautiful new cakery in town with freshly painted wainscotting that surrounds a bright, attractive space to sit with a few friends for tasty treats and good conversation. It’s suitably named Anna’s Cakes, after the owner Anna Nozari. 

Anna Cekby | Anna Cekby
Anna Cekby | Anna Cekby

The shop’s minimalistic decor, down to the fresh flowers on each table and displays of baked goods, is deliberate and well placed. It seats 12 between the indoor seating and out, with floor-to-ceiling windows to watch those passing by.

Cake by Anna
Cake by Anna's Cakes | Anna Cekby

Anna and her family moved from Iran to Oakville in 2019. Despite arriving just ahead of the pandemic, Nozari built a home baking business during the most uncommonly tricky time. 

Baking at home became a growing trend during the past two years, as home bakers popped up everywhere, but Anna Nozari’s talent, creativity and flavours stood out among the many. 

Through word of mouth and social media, Anna’s Cakes soon grew in popularity. In just three short and challenging years, she has been able to open her bakery in picturesque downtown Oakville at 46 Lakeshore Road West.

Open since May, Nozari is growing a reputation as a custom cake designer for all occasions. She is already hoping to hire some assistance.

Though her website won’t be ready for a couple of months, orders can be made in person and/or through contact on Facebook and Instagram. Delivery is available for Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.

Anna Cekby
Anna Cekby

Nozari’s mille-feuilles ($4.99 each) and her $35.00 cheesecakes have become signature pieces. To her delight, Anna finds it difficult to keep up with the demand.

You’ll also find some unique beverages like her $7.95 carrot juice. This delightfully complex drink is made up of carrot, pistachio, saffron and rose with a scoop of locally sourced Persian ice cream. It’s like a delicious cold carrot soup in a glass, with a delicate touch of sweetness. 

Anna Cekby
Anna Cekby

Her selection of colourful cake pops, beautifully adorned heart-shaped buttercream entremets, exotic chocolate bark, and intricately designed cookies make a wonderful assortment to serve guests at company meetings or treat family and friends. 

Anna shares that her much sought-after custom cakes are made with real cream. So leave your calorie counter at home and visit Anna’s Cakes when you have your next craving for something sweet.

Anna’s Cakes hours

Tuesday to Thursday 10:30 to 7 pm

Friday and Saturday 10:30 to 8 pm

Sunday 10:30 to 6 pm

Closed on Mondays