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An evening of adventure and inspiration with Adam Shoalts

Adam Shoalts
Adam Shoalts

The Canadian Club of Halton (CCH) is excited to announce that renowned explorer and author Adam Shoalts will be the featured speaker at its upcoming dinner event. Taking place on Thursday, October 19, at the Oakville Convention Centre, this captivating evening promises to be filled with tales of exploration and discovery.

Adam Shoalts, a professional adventurer and accomplished author, has captured the hearts and minds of many with his thrilling expeditions and inspiring stories. Known as "Canada's Indiana Jones," Shoalts has been recognized as one of the "greatest living explorers" by Canadian Geographic.

In 2017, Shoalts embarked on a remarkable solo journey, covering nearly 3,400 km across Canada's Arctic. This daring expedition tested his limits and showcased his resilience in the face of numerous challenges. His latest book, "Where the Falcon Flies," chronicles this extraordinary odyssey filled with encounters with nature's raw power and the struggle to survive in unforgiving environments.

Where the Falcon Flies by Adam Shoalts | Penguin Randon House Canada
Where the Falcon Flies by Adam Shoalts | Penguin Randon House Canada

With a Ph.D. from McMaster University, Shoalts possesses a deep understanding of geography and history. His expertise has led him to participate in archaeological digs and conduct solo expeditions in some of the most remote wilderness areas. As the Westaway Explorer-in-Residence of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, he continues to push the boundaries of exploration.

Dinner and Presentation Details

Join members of the Canadian Club of Halton for an unforgettable evening of adventure and inspiration. The dinner and speaker presentation will be held at the Oakville Convention Centre. The event begins at 6:00 p.m., and doors open at the same time. 

Advance Registration Required

Due to limited space, we highly recommend registering in advance for this exclusive event. Tickets are available for $60.00 for CCH members and $70.00 for non-members. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate ticket sales at the door.

To secure your spot, please visit our website at and complete the online ticket registration. Additionally, we are accepting e-transfers at [email protected]. Remember, registration closes at Midnight on Monday, October 16.