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All Halton Police Officers are now taking notes via smartphone

Officers are no longer tied to the computers in their police cruisers.
A Halton Police officer using her phone. | HRPS
A Halton Police officer using her phone. | HRPS

Taking notes has been one of the most important aspects of policing for over a century.

Today, the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) announced that all sworn members are now using electronic notes. The HRPS considers the switch from pen-and-paper to electronic notetaking a modern milestone.

Deputy Chief Roger Wilkie believes electronic notetaking is just another way Halton Police is “harnessing innovative technology to better serve” the community and will aid officers in capturing information more efficiently.

Halton residents will see officers using their phones more to record information, although this might not be news to many as more than 750 officers use eNotes; many in the community have likely already seen officers in action using their phones.

Officers will no longer be tethered to the computers in their cruisers, but will use their phones for recording audio and taking supplementary photos and videos in addition to written information.

If you come across an active Halton Police officer, on scene, with a phone in their hand, you’re looking at their new electronic notebook.